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The Best in Education: Community + Classroom

Ahhhh…the Periodic Table of Elements. We all remember it from years ago. It is introduced in the 5th grade curriculum, and it can be pretty dry material. But, every year I can’t wait to get to that section, because I have the most amazing support from someone in my community. After I cover the material, a former Fermi Lab engineer turned consultant and  self-employed inventor, not to mention an all around amazing guy, Larry Bartoszek from Bartoszek Engineering  comes into my classroom and talks about the Periodic Table of Elements in his way. He is as passionate about that as I am about collaborative education. He believes that the discovery of the table is one of humankind’s greatest accomplishments. He comes with graphics and enthusiasm and examples…and they all go home with a diamond…all they have to do it throw it in a volcano and wait a few million  years!  This is collaborative education at its absolute best. I am forever grateful for Professional Generosity. Thank you Lucy Gray for calling that out so eloquently in your TEDx Talk.