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An Introduction to Technology Integration

Integrating technology with classroom practice can be a great way to strengthen engagement by linking students to a global audience, turning them into creators of digital media, and helping them practice collaboration skills that will prepare them for the future. Read a short introductory article.

From Edutopia

Edmodo: The Classroom Hub for Project-Based Learning


BIE (Buck Institute for Education) is a great place to go for all things Project-Based Learning. Here is their latest PBL  post on using Edmodo as an integral part of PBL.

Edutopia is my other go-to place for PBL. Lots of professional generosity in both organizations. Here is their PBL blog.


Engaging Students in Math

Want to know one teacher’s formula for engaging students in math? It’s starts with allowing more mistakes + supporting struggle . . . What comes next? Read more:

Engaging Students in Math