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Starting Your Year with Student Blogging



If you haven’t considered blogging with your students, now’s the time!

I’ve taught fifth grade for the past 14 years, I have never found a more powerful approach to teaching writing than blogging. It creates an authentic audience, and kids actually want to write. I have an easy step by step guide to starting off on a good foot.



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Overview of Lessons to Begin Blogging

1. Make paper blogs to teach blogging. Here’s the lesson plan:
Paper Blogs: McTeach lesson

2.  7 Random Facts About Me To teach what information can be on a public space, and what can not.

3. Establish Blogging Guidelines.

4. Quality Comments

5. Start with small assignments

6. International Dot Day: How will you make a difference in the world?

7. Include parents

8. Connect with a couple of classrooms

9.Let them explore with color and style to personalize their blog site

10.Don’t grade! At least not at first.

11.Blog at least weekly                                                                                                         

12.Be Patient

Here’s a great article about the State of Blogging:

The State of Educational Blogging 2013

There are more resources linked here.

The New Superpower! Computer Coding

Code Literacy is something I’ve written about in a prior post as an important digital skill for students and adults alike. In this video, some of our most  successful creatives, (founders of twitter, facebook, microsoft, dropbox, and others), talk about how coding can be easily learned by anyone, and can give you creative superpowers you may have never considered. Bill Gates started playing with coding at age 13.

Here is a great article on beginning to understand code by Edutopia.

Also, here’s a post by C.J. Westerberg with a lot more resources and opinions!