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Education to Better Their World



Once again, Marc Prensky gives us a peek into a future so astonishing in its simplicity that it’s difficult to understand why we aren’t closer to it yet.  While our national education systems are focused on chasing test scores, our youth are taking their brilliance out of the classroom to connect, create, and solve problems in their world. That agency and ownership is magic in the learning process, and our current systems are not designed to utilize it. Youth that have digital access and understand how to harness opportunities are propelled into new trajectories, and that contributes to the deep divide we see in education.

While no one has captured Prensky’s “Globally Empowered Kids” concept in a fully operational system, we all know of effective components.  It’s time to embrace what is in front of us to support all of our youth in the process to “better their world”.

Education to Better Their World: Unleashing the Power of 21st-century Kids