I Wish You Would Notice….

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Someone in my PLN ( I can’t remember who!) suggested asking our students to complete this sentence: ‘I wish you would notice….’ It was great to see those flashes of inside.  Here are a few responses:

I wish you would notice:

  • that sometimes I lose my focus and go into my own little world.
  • how hard I try in math.
  • that I am very friendly and funny, even though I seem really quiet.
  • that I freak out if someone asks me a question.
  • it’s hard for me to sit still because I have to keep talking to people A LOT! (this one I knew already!)
  • that I always keep my desk neat.
  • that sometimes I might work really hard on something and sometimes I may not.
  • I like to write with pens instead of pencils.  (written in pen)
  • that I love to draw.
  • that I am very organized.
  • that I really love to work on computers.
  • that I work very hard in school and that I have a messy desk. I’m sorry!

Give it a try!

2 responses to “I Wish You Would Notice….

  1. I LOVE this. Very cool! I’m going to try it. 😦

  2. 🙂 (not a frowny face!…pushed send too quickly on earlier post)

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