Genius Hour! Day 1

passion in the classroom


My 5th grade class and I completed our first Genius Hour today!

The projects they came up with were as varied as the kids. They actually made quite a bit of progress.

Projects were: learning computer coding, making a mini biosphere, learning about MRI machines, designing websites, creating computer games, designing and creating a dog collar, writing/filming/editing a short movie, learning about Figi by planning an imaginary trip, understanding the parts inside a computer, creating a robot, writing music, designing and building a better violin case, and designing a house.

There was a lot of tech, and then some plain old paper, pencil and tangible materials involved.

They hated to stop when the hour was over. The kids were thrilled to have the principal, George Petmezas, stop by so they could show him what they were doing.  The excitement was palpable. When you feel that in the air, it’s easy to see how true learning happens.



3 responses to “Genius Hour! Day 1

  1. Donna,
    Hooray! Success! You know it is genuine learning happening when “the excitement was palpable,” and they were thrilled to have the principal stop by. Sharing with him was support for all of us who use Genius Hour to encourage a love of life-long learning. Did you have tons of fun? Did you take pictures? Will you do this again? 😀
    Take care!!

  2. I forgot to take pics, but I certainly will do it again, so I’ll take some then. Thanks so much for all of your support. I could not have done it without the PLN of Genius Hour teachers!

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