Help Educators take the First Step into Professional Learning Networks

Writing about PLNs on an online blog is a problem. Anyone reading it is already part of a PLN.  All of us have stories like the one I encountered today. The real question is how to bring this understanding into our buildings and neighbor classrooms. Here is a snapshot of a single event I was part of just today.

There is a teacher in Honduras who asked for help from her PLN yesterday.  Her school’s new strategic plan includes moving towards discontinuing their stand-alone computer labs and incorporating tech directly into the classroom.  She is a Tech Integration Specialist, and she needed help. Within 24 hours, after several group emails, resources started pouring in. Areas were identified and a google doc was established. Turns out that her school is not the only one doing this, and she was not the only one with questions. No doubt that everyone involved will come out better for the involvement.

There is no way to overstate the power behind this kind of collaboration.

Here is a link to a wiki that helps educators take that first step. It was originally used for a series of workshops, so feel free to join and use it the same way. Add your own resources if you like. Becoming a Connected Educator for Teachers and Administrators using Twitter, RSS feed and Global Collaboration. If you have other resources, feel free to link them here.

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