Shabby Teddy Bears


It’s iEARN‘s (International Education and Resource Network) 25th anniversary, and I reblogged a post by David Potter that highlighted their Teddy Bear exchange project. In short, schools across the world send each other a teddy bear in the mail, and each class documents the bear’s experience.  When the bear’s vacation is over, they send it back home so the class can learn about life in the other country.  I had some great comments on that post, but this one really stuck with me. It’s from a teacher in Japan:

“Hi Donna,
One time, a Teddy came back to the school , but white body was turned grey and shabby. Children got shocked. Then the teacher said “Children, you can find how much our Teddy was hugged and kissed by your partner friends”. I love this story.
When I first attended iEARN Conference in Hungary in 1996, it was Teddy Bear presentation by Bob (Australia) which took my heart.
Yoko, Japan”

Such a great project, and a great organization.

Original photo found here


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