iEARN at 25. Going Strong with Teddy Bears in the Front!

Although we have participated in iEARN projects before, for the first time, a class in our school, Mill Creek Elementary in Geneva, IL, USA, participated in the Teddy Bear Project through iEARN. It’s been great hearing about their exchange with Wen Ya Elementary in Taiwan.


What a great organization. There are many global collaborative education organizations out there now, but iEARN…well, they were the true cutting edge for us all. They have only become stronger in their numbers, larger in their geographic reach and curriculum scope, and more influential during their 25 years. Lucky for all of us, they have retained all of their professional generosity, humanity and incredible inclusiveness. They are true leaders in every possible way. Happy 25th iEARN! I’m proud to be among your many admirers and participant teachers.


We’re celebrating our furry friends today, and invite you to join our Teddy Bear Picnic. The iEARN Teddy Bear Project has been a favorite of hundreds of thousands of teachers and students in more than 8,000 schools worldwide since 1996, and we’re spending the day sharing stories, images, and the joy of global collaboration in one of its most huggable forms.

Congratulations to all participating schools worldwide, and a big thank you to the current Teddy Bear Project Facilitators Rasagnya Puppala and Fumi (Bee) Ito in Japan, for all their bear care.

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11 responses to “iEARN at 25. Going Strong with Teddy Bears in the Front!

  1. This is so great we want to participate ith you too to learn about you

  2. Thanks, Donna. You surely “got it”. 😉

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words. iEARN and the growing number of awesome organizations and networks connecting classes worldwide have a lot of work ahead of us if we are to be truly inclusive. Very few classrooms around the world consistent clean water, sanitation, electricity, or basic supplies, let alone Internet access. We need to balance hi-tech Khan Academy videos and MOOCs with teddy bears and art murals and other low or no-tech connections. As you know, when kids know other kids around the world care about them, we take another step towards a more prosperous, secure, and just future.

  4. Hi Donna, Thanks for these heart-felt and classroom-based observations. I appreciate your words because they come from practical application of this amazing connective technology into teaching and learning. And I’m inspired by how you use iEARN and technology to bring humanity to your students’ education. Thanks as well, for your work on the Lesson For All, which should be up on the web in the next days.

    Ed Gragert
    Global Campaign for Education-US

  5. i’ve worked with iEARN for over 15 years and entirely agree with you

  6. Hi Donna, nice to see your great works with wonderful young students. Thanks for sharing. Well wishes from iEARN teachers of Bangladesh.
    Rajib L. Das

  7. Hi Donna,
    One time, a Teddy came back to the school , but white body was turned grey and shabby. Children got shocked. Then the teacher said “Chilren, you can find how much our Teddy was hugged and kissed by your partner friends”. I love this story.
    When I first attended iEARN Conference in Hungary in 1996, it was Teddy Bear presentation by Bob (Australia) which took my heart.
    Yoko, Japan

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