Imagination Foundation- Caine’s Arcade part 2

A Vimeo Staff Pick!


2 responses to “Imagination Foundation- Caine’s Arcade part 2

  1. Hi Donna!

    My name is Snehal and I’m a former educator. In my current role as the founder & CEO of Sokikom, I get to explore teacher blogs to seek out innovative teachers and strategies to learn from and spread to more classrooms around the country. First, I love this post on Caine’s arcarde and really liked some of your links on project-based learning!

    As it seems like you’re passionate about PBL & integrating technology into the classroom, I wanted to let you know about Sokikom, which is currently a free online tool teachers use to (1) improve student behaviors and (2) differentiate math instruction. On a quick check, it seems like you may even have one of our apps installed within edmodo.
    We’ve built Sokikom based on the feedback from teachers – as I browsed through your blog it seemed like you might be interested so I thought I’d pass it along. We’ve gotten an incredible amount of feedback from teachers using our product, but are always looking for new suggestions as well, so if you decide to give it a try, please don’t hesitate to reach out me personally with questions or feedback! (snehalp AT sokikom DOT com)

  2. Hi Snehal,
    I will check out your site. It sounds interesting. Thanks for stopping by!

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