Hurricane Sandy: students up-close and real

In a former post, I talked about Natural Disasters and Us, a collaborative project we are doing designed for students to learn about geography and land features through real events.  We are working with Denton Ave School in Long Island, New York.  It’s been wonderful working with Lisa Parisi, author of Making Connections with Blogging, but neither one of us could have imagined how incredible this opportunity would be. Right in the middle of the project, one of the biggest natural disasters in the USA struck their area. We were finally able to connect our classrooms yesterday through Skype for the first time since Hurricane Sandy hit. The experiences and the actual sharing of them with my students totally changed the direction of their projects.  I can’t wait to share the final results. The understanding about the subject matter could not have been made more real, more palpable, or more connected. Amazing.

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