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And another year begins.


The 20 Most Beautiful Public Schools in the World

The 20 Most Beautiful Public Schools in the World


Concept Mapping as a Tool for Group Problem Solving

Turning information into knowledge.

Starting a New School Year: Nine Tips for Collaboration | Edutopia

Starting a New School Year: Nine Tips for Collaboration | Edutopia.

Our Classroom 2.0 Book Submission is LIVE!

The Global Classroom Project

We are proud to announce that our chapter submission to The Classroom 2.0 Book project is now live. With over 75 submissions from leading educators worldwide, this amazing project was organised by Steve HargadonRichard Byrne, and Chris Dawson of the Classroom 2.0 network.

Now, we need YOUR help!

We’d truly love to have the #globalclassroom story published in a print book for the very first time. (One day, we might write our own. Until then, this is the next best thing!)

If you could take a few minutes to read our submission, and share it with your networks, we’d be extremely grateful. The more readers we get, the more likely we are to be included.

Thank you to Deb Frazier, Theresa Allen, Effie Kyrikakis, and Kyle Dunbar whose contributions made this chapter submission possible. We hope you enjoy reading our #globalclassroom stories.

The Global Classroom Project – Classroom…

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Our Remarkable August


This August the team at iEARN-USA has been pleased to:

All this has primed us for the new US school year. We hope you are primed, too. If you haven’t already donated, we also hope you will make a back-to-school contribution and help us to support teachers and students, many for the first time, experience meaningful international collaboration this fall. Thanks!

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Global Classroom Project 2012-2013 Submission


As part of Classroom 2.0’s 5th Anniversary, they are calling for submissions for their anniversary book. Here is the Global Classroom Project 2012-2013’s submission. It’s a wonderful project!

“The Global Classroom Project is not your ordinary classroom project. It is a grassroots teaching and learning community connecting hundreds of K-12 teachers, and thousands of students, around the world. Spanning 6 continents, this project is an amazing example of how teachers can come together using social media and Web 2.0 technologies to flatten their classroom walls; enabling their students to share, learn, and collaborate globally.”