The Look of Amazement

You know that look you see on someone’s face when they witness something astonishing that they have never seen before, and their mind is trying to make sense of it while they are filled with awe? That totally unguarded flash of amazement?  We hardly see that look anymore. We live in a time when if we haven’t done it ourselves, we have seen it on TV or youtube or something. Well, I had an opportunity to witness that look the other night, and every time I think of it my eyes start tearing up. Some kids in my school have been working with classes in other countries on a project. They have had a bit of interaction via something similar to email, but that’s it. One of the teachers in Taiwan and I arranged a Skype video meeting one night last week. The kids all arrived and sat in front of the large projector screen. When I called Wen Ya elementary school in Chia Yi City and the life-size video of their class came into the room at Mill Creek elementary school in Geneva, Illinois… and there we were face to face…that first second when the picture came into the room… I saw that look. Wow. That was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

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